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Renovation of The Grant School

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As shepherds of The Grant School, the Pickering Community Club has been tasked to preserve the 1914 Grant School historic flavor for the Pickering neighborhood's use and enjoyment. To that end, we continue to renovate the school and its grounds.

Front of The Grant School

Through generous grants from Green Diamond Resource Company and donations from our community, we are able to fund our efforts to keep The Grant School a vibrant and essential structure. Every year, we accomplish big things and document them here on this web page. This year, the Pickering Community Club focused our attention to the outside woodwork and landscaping.

The cedar handrails and stairs, entry and exits of The Grant School had become weakened with weather and time and needed replacing.




Also note the new native landscaping, designed to look and feel like the forest in which the school lives. Special attention was paid to deer resistant plants however as we all know from living here, there is no such plant that is dear proof.

This was more work than funding - labor accomplished by our talented members and master gardeners. Yes, the rock and water system was an expense but neither get into the landscaping on their own. The rocks help with gutter drainage and the plants should improve the grounds. Crews equipped with wheel barrels, a tractor with front-loader, shovels and mulch, we all pitched in to make our school more beautiful.

landscaping in front

more landscaping

All and all - great job Pickering Community Club. You did well. Thank you for all of you who helped with this years project and especially, thank you Green Diamond Resource Company for your financial help in making 2017 a very successfully year.

In the woods

Come on out to The Grant School and see for yourself and enjoy the 1914 waterfront school on Pickering Passage.