November 16, 2017

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Pickering Community Club Minutes


November 16, 2017

Meeting Type






Special Club




Board of Directors




Special Board of Directors





President, Kenny Latimer


Past President, Karen Schroeder


Vice President, Marcia Jacobson


Member at large, Robyn Patterson


Secretary, Roxanne Silverthorn


Member at large, Christy Rowe


Treasurer, Jonelle Adams



Others Present



Sign in Sheet for
Members and Guests


Attached in minute book

  • Marcia called the meeting to order and led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance.
  • Marcia asked members if there were any corrections to the October 19, 2017 minutes.  The minutes distributed to the members prior to the October meeting contained two corrections as noted in red.   There were no other corrections.
  • Jonelle gave the treasurers report.  Total bank balance is $44,660.
  • A motion was made by Mike Jacobson, seconded by Chris Veblen, and unanimously passed to accept the slate of Board of Directors and Officers for 2018 as follows:
  • President – Kenny Latimer
  • Vice President – Laura Van Etten
  • Secretary – Roxanne Silverthorn
  • Treasurer – Jonelle Adams
  • Past President – Karen Schroeder
  • Member at Large – Nancy Bauer
  • Member at Large – Robyn Patterson

Roxanne thanked Marcia and Christy for being on the Board last year!

  • Miles presented the Reserve Study Summary for 2017 through 2020.  Miles thanked the reserve committee for their insightful contributions and gave a short summary of 4-year capex budget.   A short discussion took place with the membership about this summary.   

A motion to go forward with the 2018 expenditures as outlined below was made.  Voting included votes via email and the motion pasted by a wide margin. 

Ductless Heating/Cooling


Less PUD3 Rebate (approximate)


Insulate Attic/Crawl Space


Install Ventilation Attic/Crawl Space


Upgrade Kitchen Appliances Including Hood Range




Miles was given the authority to select from the variety of bids and proceed with the above expenditures.

  • A discussion was held regarding fundraising for 2018.   The Board is recommending holding a plant sale and auction next year.   The voting on these events was postponed until a future meeting.
  • Jonelle distributed a guideline for Pickering Community Club Sponsored Events.  A short discussion took place about these guidelines.
  • The PCC members thanked Karen and Roxanne for decorating for the Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Marilyn and Robyn volunteered to decorate for the Christmas event. 

Respectfully submitted,
Roxanne Silverthorn