March 15, 2018

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Pickering Community Club Minutes




March 15, 2018

Meeting Type






Special Club




Board of Directors




Special Board of Directors







Past President, Karen Schroeder




Member at large, Robyn Patterson


Secretary, Roxanne Silverthorn


Member at large, Christy Rowe





Others Present



Sign in Sheet for
Members and Guests


Attached in minute book

  1. Karen called the meeting to order.
  2. The minutes of December 21, 2017 were approved.
  3. Karen gave the treasurer’s report in Jonelle’s absence.   As of March 3rd there is $36,407.65 in the PCC bank account (checking = $22,134.99 and savings = $14,272.66).
  4. Karen thanked Jonelle for her great grant writing skills.   The Pickering Community Club received a Mason County Heritage Grant of $3,049.29.   The funds will be used to repair and upgrade the outbuilding.
  5. Karen reported on the two fundraisers for 2018 and asked for support from all members.   The two fundraisers are:
    • Plant Sale – May 12 from 9am to 2pm
    • Auction – July 21 [Subsequent to the meeting the date was changed to August 4th due to conflicts.
  6. A “huge” thank you to Robyn for cooking the wonderful corned beef and cabbage.  Roxanne and Karen helped Robyn prepare the vegetables earlier in the day and thanks to them also.   
  7. Thank you to Nancy and Marilyn for decorating!!

Respectfully submitted,
Roxanne Silverthorn