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TheGrantSchool.org is the official website for the Pickering Community Club. We are a voluntary organization of neighborhood supporters focused on improving our areas resources with other non-profits as well as maintain The Grant School for the use of our community. For each of our endeavors, we have a contact who would be happy to receive any questions, comments or suggestion you can e-mail. Here is a way to contact them.


ORGANIZATIONAL QUESTIONS : The Pickering Community Club has intent, direction and purpose. For inquiries about our organization and/or our activities, please write our President - ( President@TheGrantSchool.org )

MEMBERSHIP: Join us. Our monthly meeting are always open to new guest to come to get to know us. If you are interested in becoming a member of the Pickering Community Club, please write our Secretary -
( Secretary@thegrantschool.org )

RENTAL: You can rent The Grant School. To take advantage of the quiet historic waterfront environment of this one-room schoolhouse for your gathering, reunion, event or celebration and would like more details about this affordable rental opportunity, please write our Secretary- ( Secretary@thegrantschool.org )

TREASURER: The Pickering Community Club is a 501 C3 tax deducible non-profit organization with year-around fund raisers and oyster farming to help maintain The Grant School and it's charitable efforts. With your financial questions, please e-mail our Treasurer: ( Treasurer@thegrantschool.org )

HISTORIAN: The Grant School has seen much in it's 100 year history. With questions regarding our history and what part it has played in the Pickering community, please write our Historian - ( Historian@TheGrantSchool.org )

WEBSITE/FACEBOOK: The Pickering Community Club is making an effort to reach out to our neighbors with our Website, Facebook presents and other MODERN communications tools. With your questions, comments and suggestions, please write our webmaster - ( Web@thegrantschool.org )



PLANT & GARDEN SALE: Each year, one of our most popular events and profitable fund raisers is our Plant & Garden Sale. If you have questions regarding this event, please write our Plant Sale Coordinator (PlantSale@thegrantschool.org)

BAKE SALE: We are fortunate in the Pickering Community to have the Olympic Bakery however when it comes to homemade pastries, cakes, pies, breads, jams, honey and assorted goodies, there nothing quite like a Grant School Bake Sale. Generally, our Bake Sale is held in conjunction with our Plant & Garden Sale however, with your inquiries to this event, please write our Bake Sale Coordinator (BakeSale@thegrantschool.org)

ANNUAL AUCTION: This event was begun in 2017 and was emensly popular. Held on the lawn of The Grant School, art, wine, getaway weekends, golf outings, dinners out and much more were donated by local busnesses and artists and auctioned off to benifit the preservation of the schoolhouse. For questions, comments, suggestions and donations, please direct your communications to our Auction Coordinator (Auction@TheGrantSchool.org)